Sometimes being stranded isn't so bad. After a spontaneous decision to board a cruise, you were cast overboard and wound up on a deserted island with three beautiful women. Will you use this time to find yourself and return home a faithful man, or will you forge a new relationship and relinquish your old flame? The choice is yours. 


Getaway Island is a sexy and charming visual novel that tells a complete, rich story, peppered with choices that affect your outcome. Your choices will determine which of the three women you end up romancing and what ending you ultimately get.

Getaway Island Trailer


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Get to know the women you're stranded with.


A smart, savvy business woman with a dark past. Junko is on vacation to prove her worth and overcome her personal demons. While she may appear tough on the outside, there's a soft heart underneath her callous exterior. 


Lili is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but her pure innocence is unmatched. Energetic, lovable and beautiful, Lili knows how to make the most of a bad situation and uplift the spirits of those around her. 


An indigenous tribal woman on the very island you find yourself stranded upon. Rin-Rin appears ferocious, but there may yet be more to her beyond her savage appearance.